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Tout-Quebec for the Comestar junior breeder herd!

Honorable Mention Tout-Québec Summer Heifer
-Comestar Anabetsy Brokaw 

Reserve Tout-Québec Dam progeny
-Comestar Lautamie Titanic VG-89 28*

Reserve Tout-Québec Senior Yearling
-Comestar Larianne Goldwyn 

Tout-Québec Senior Yearling
-Comestar Larion Goldwyn  
( Prop. JM Valley Holstein, Donald Dubois & France Lemieux, Richard & Shannon Allyn, M.E.D.A.L. Farms & Ferme Jendro) 

Tout-Québec Junior breeder herd

-Comestar Lau Damion
-Comestar Paradise Lavanguard ( Co-Prop. Ferme Des Pignons-Bleus)
-Comestar Lauras Doorman 


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