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New embryos available!   •   Congratulations to all those who bought some Comestar in 2015! Good success!
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Great classification results in May 2017
Comestar Lilacat Numero Uno EX
Comestar Presley Goldwyn EX
Comestar Lautamidear Dempsey EX 2E 
Comestar Lau Damion EX-94 2E
Comestar Lautary AltaRoss EX-91 2E
Comestar Lari Dream Goldwyn  VG-88 2Yr
Comestar Etoilay Goldwyn  VG-87 2Yr
Comestar Laylanita Sid VG-87 2Yr
Comestar Lleida Brokaw VG-86 2Yr
Miss Kats Kahlua VG-86 2Yr
Comestar Laushanna Supershot VG 2Yr
Comestar Lyna Sid VG 2Yr
Comestar Liamm Kingboy VG 2Yr
Comestar Liamy Kingboy VG 2Yr
Comestar Milane Atwood VG 2Yr
Comestar Lari Bel Goldwyn VG 2Yr
Comestar Love Again Windbrook VG 2Yr
Comestar Casey Goldwyn VG 2Yr
Comestar Laumaple Papper VG 2Yr
Progenesis Kingboy Faith VG 2Yr
Comestar Charlene Mardi Gras VG 2Yr
Comestar Laumaude Davincy VG 2Yr
Comestar Marika Massey VG
Comestar Lautamisty Capital G GP-83 2Yr
Comestar Laumiky El Bombero GP-83 2Yr
Comestar Lautamiwyn Windbrook GP-83 2Yr
England-Ammon MT Barbara GP-83 2Yr
Comestar Dralysy Lautrust GP-83 2Yr
Chix Gold Summer GP-83 2Yr
Brawer Guthrie Gallia GP-83 2Yr


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