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Herd Satistics (Classification & All-Canadian)

Classifications & Awards from Holstein Canada
(Update Septembre 2016)

Classification Number of cows scored EX or VG VG EX ME Total
  All cows bred by Comestar 908 88 51 1047
  All cows classified at Comestar 546 70 27 643
  Number of bulls scored EX   22    
Awards COWS        
  Number of brood cow awards       306
  Number of super 3 awards       38
  Number of Super 4       9
  Number of Super 5       2
  Number of Superior Lactation awards       681
  Number of Canadians Champions highest production       2
  Number of Longtime production + 200 000 lbs (>=100,000kgs)       21
  EXTRA       13
  ST       23
  SP       20
Registrations Percentage of cows registered in a given year with a sire or dam bred by Comestar        
  Females Registered in 2001       6,48%
  Females Registered in 2002       7,11%
  Females Registered in 2003       11,19%
  Females Registered in 2004       15,53%
  Females Registered in 2005       9,89%
  Females Registered in 2006       10,31%
  Females Registered in 2007       4,58%
  Females Registered in 2012       4,98%
  Females Registered in 2013       4,26%

Summary of All-Canadian nominations and awards from 1979 (bred and/or owned) by Comestar
(Update September 2016)

Total of Nominations: 67
Total of All-Canadian: 10
Total of Reserve: 10
Total of Honorable Mention: 14

Complete list of nominations:

Comestar Aramis Marquis All-Canadian bull calf

Belle Du Jour Sevenny nominated mature cow
Comestar Lucky Elevation ET nominated bull

Comestar Leona Sheik ET nominated intermediate heifer calf

Comestar Laurie Sheik ET Honourable Mention All-Canadian senior 2-year-old
Comestar Bird Sultan ET nominated senior yearling heifer
Comestar Breeders Herd nominated
Produce of Elysa Anthony Lea Honourable Mention All-Canadian

Comestar Laurie Sheik ET nominated 4-year-old

Comestar Breeders Herd Honourable Mention All-Canadian

Steadfast C C Gail nominated 4-year-old
Comestar Astral Starbuck nominated junior 2-year-old
Comestar Lasmay Broker nominated senior heifer calf

Gilperro Ladie Astre nominated senior 2-year-old
Comestar Arlene Charles All-Canadian summer yearling heifer and
Reserve All-Canadian 4-H yearling heifer

Jeanlu Stardust Fidele All-Canadian senior heifer calf

Jeanlu Stardust Fidele All-Canadian senior yearling
Comestar Lastar Milan Honourable Mention All-Canadian junior yearling
Comestar Natacha Starbuck nominated summer yearling
Comestar Model Lady nominated summer yearling heifer
Windsor Vallee Fantasme nominated senior heifer calf

Comestar Model Lady nominated junior 2-year-old
Comestar Vicky Pride nominated intermediate heifer calf

Belroux Storm Cristal Honourable Mention All-Canadian junior 3-year-old

Comestar Alanna Comestar nominated senior yearling heifer
Jewett Lee Ella nominated junior yearling heifer
Comestar Flower Lee Reserve All-Canadian junior heifer calf

Hicklee Skychief Shenna nominated 4-year-old
Stanlee Storm Allison All-Canadian junior 3-year-old
Comestar Flower Lee nominated junior yearling heifer
Comestar Laila Lee All-Canadian summer yearling heifer

Stanlee Storm Allison Honourable Mention All-Canadian 4-year-old
Squibbland Paula James nominated senior 3-year-old
Hodgdale Millennium Mackenzie nominated summer yearling heifer

Stanlee Storm Allison Reserve All-Canadian 5-year-old
Errolea Milan Penny nominated 5-year-old
Squibbland Paula James nominated 4-year-old
Comestar Edgemont Modelisa Bos Reserve All-Canadian milking yearling

Stanleee Storm Allison nominated mature cow

Lylehaven Lila Z Honourable Mention All-Canadian 4-year-old
Comestar Lautamie Titanic Reserve All-Canadian junior 2-year-old
(Comestar also bought after show season Co-Vista Durham Melinda who was Reserve All-Canadian milking yearling)

Belmoral Lee Tina Honourable Mention All-Canadian 5-year-old
Lylehaven Lila Z Honourable Mention All-Canadian 5-year-old
Co-Vista Durham Melinda nominated senior 2-year-old
Comestar Lausanka Jasper nominated junior 2-year-old
Comestar Allegria Jackman All-Canadian milking yearling heifer
Comestar Aladine Jackman nominated milking yearling heifer
Comestar Alys Gloldwyn nominated summer yearling heifer
Comestar Breeders Herd nominated

Official results provided by Holstein Journal.

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